Retrospect 2019

25th April to 28th April 2019

Retrospect 2018

26th April to 29th April 2018

Program 2020

3 Days enjoyment - chilling - adventures - amazement - relaxation - indulgence - partying

Our Philosophy

Kolja Kukuk, Jörn Brattke & Erwin Fender-Haselberger

We have one passion that connects all of us: indulgence of any kind. The love for a good cigar, fine spirits, sumptuous wine rarities and excellent culinary experiences. For this reason alone an extraordinary idea was born: ‘Mountain on fire’. A unique cigar and indulgence event against the breathtaking backdrop of the Ötztal mountains.
From 23rd to 26th of April 2020 we will be inviting to the 3rd ‘Mountain on fire’ event in a row. Our passion – to deliver the extraordinary to you! For this purpose, we will again be organizing an exciting and varied program in 2020 under the motto: enjoyment – chilling – adventures – amazement – relaxation – indulgence – partying!

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On the event

  • Rocky Patel
    I have one word and only one word to describe the 'Mountain on fire': WOW!
  • Marcel Ellinghaus, CEO Ifaplan GmbH
    Mountain on fire was a perfect combination of the finest food, the finest spirits and the most friendly staff I have expirienced so far all the while situated in one of the most breathtaking surroundings you can find on this little planet.
  • Philipp Kugler, Founder & CEO of CigarKings
    It was an insane weekend with phenomenal cigars, delicious spirits and the best people on the planet!
  • Patrice Bouédibéla, TV Entertainer & Moderator
    The Mountain on fire`` experience is one of a kind journey for your taste buds like no other, uniting people from all over the places at a drop dead gorgeous venue. The last great taste adventure with the convenience of forgotten times.
  • Jan Ole Hagen, CEO M Yachts
    MOF takes “experiential” travel to the next level! Thanks to the MOF team for this unforgettable time!
  • Karl Martin Brix Nelson, Owner & CEO Kind Group
    During my 20 years of visiting cigar events I have never experienced anything like Mountain on fire. The quality of food, wine and cigars, the service, the people and the venue is exquisite. It is also the one cigar event my wife ever enjoyed coming too. We have been both first and second year and would not miss the years to come for anything in the world.
  • Reinhard Pohorec, Owner Pohorec Sensory
    Mountain on fire is an absolutely outstanding lighthouse project for bon vivants, epicures, aficionados and like-minded people, appreciating and dedicating themselves to the finer things in life. The amalgamation of fantastic cigar moments, degustations of hand-selected premium beverages, culinary delights and outstanding personalities make for an overall experience event, that is a must in every connoisseur's calendar.

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